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Dashwood Guitars
Est. 2008

Welcome to Dashwood Guitars. I am a maker of unique, handmade lap steel guitars and instruments. My creations, designed and built by me, are inspired by the early long scale lap steel instruments of the 1930s and the forms found within lutes from the 1800s.

I use only the finest timbers, hardware and electronics available, combining them with dedication and care regarding aesthetics, tonal science and modern electronic engineering for an instrument which both looks and sounds like it was made in heaven.

My current range of instruments all share the same trademark approach to unmatched design, each built and treated as a unique one-off piece. The timbers chosen for facings, head veneer and fretboard all effect the overall sound, character and feel of each instrument.

Each instrument has a full length through-neck 25 inch scale length design for increased sustain and tonal warmth. Paired with a bone nut, flat wound strings and a careful choice of hand made electronics make this range a true pinnacle in my instrument making.