About my Lap Steel Guitars

Musical instruments to me are a true marriage between craftsmanship disciplines; form, colour and, most importantly, sound and tone.

When all three disciplines are combined successfully, wholeheartedly embracing the spectrum of musical expression, then I know I have created an instrument to the best of my abilities as a maker.

Creating an instrument can be a magical experience; starting with a tree which already has so much history and then beginning a dedicated, careful and respectful journey through countless processes, resulting in a visual celebration of wood and wood grain, one of nature’s most beautiful gifts.

And then, incorporating a scientific approach to instrument building after considering the tree’s past, is an abstractly magical and moving experience. Every new instrument I make and I hear for the first time is always a very special moment.

I discovered my love for woodworking at the age of twelve when I sneaked into the home workshop with my brother and we found an electric jigsaw (A&E on standby!) We both made a clock out of some cheap pine and, amazingly, kept all of our fingers. And, what’s more, the clocks worked!

I chose woodworking for my final year exams, building an electric guitar. Looking back now with the many years of experience making instruments since, I still remember how it ignited a quest within me to produce absolute perfection with each instrument I make. A drive which has been burning for over twenty years.

The searching and acquiring of beautiful and special ‘tone-woods’, the obsessive drying and tension releasing, along with the careful, silent, zen like construction, the use of only the finest electronics, the meticulous finishing and final fettling to create a musical instrument that looks and sounds like it was born and made in heaven is where this drive has brought me.

Every guitar that leaves me has had the best upbringing I could have given it. They are my children, and I have been a dedicated parent to their existence! When they leave my care, they leave with my hopes and wishes that wherever they may go after me, whomever plays them and whomever hears them will be as moved as when I first conceived them.

They should go on for centuries to come