Brazilian Mahogany Lap Steel Guitar range

Limited edition of 12

It has been an honour to have been lucky enough to find old growth Brazilian Mahogany from a 1970s’ staircase from which I was able to reclaim and build this rare group of instruments from.

Brazilian Mahogany is one of the most sought after ‘tone-woods’ in the world, no longer available on the market and a protected species. The sound is very dynamic – warm bass notes, extremely harmonic mids and mellow trebles which still feel high within the mix without being brittle or harsh.

Playing full chords do not become muddy, and the innate harmonics actually increase the enjoyment of all six strings together. The Mahogany easily allows for isolating a melody on any string within full string playing without becoming overwhelming and losing clarity.

To celebrate the Brazilian Mahogany further, I acquired some some extremely rare figured English Elm, English Walnut and Turkish Walnut for the facings – unheard of in the woodwork world!