Lap Steel Electronics

Over the years I have tried many different pickup manufacturers, but I now solely work with the team at Bare Knuckle Pickups in Cornwall, UK. They are passionate about their work and are highly experienced, knowledgable and technically capable in hand-building scatter wound pickups, potentiometers and capacitors. They know how best to combine them for any particular instrument.

I feel it would be hard to elevate my instruments to where they are tonally, not just visually, without this close collaboration.

My instruments run a bridge-configured Blue Note humbucker-sized P90 hand wound pickup. The Blue Note 90 is a smooth, warm HSP90 with a very open voice and touch sensitive dynamics. This produces a fat, but really articulate, vintage tone. Perfect for an instrument that has been carefully constructed for its own true voice and needs something open and honest to complement.

The combination of slightly under-wound coils of 42AWG plain enamel wire and sand-cast Alnico II magnets give the Blue Note 90 a crisp, percussive tone with excellent response-to-pick attack. High notes sing with a true, vocal-like quality, while the mids have enough weight to punch through without ever sounding honky or nasal.

Clean tones are balanced with lovely note separation and chime to each string. Driven tones are effortless and easily go from subtle break-up to classic crunch. Although voiced primarily for blues and cleaner playing styles, the Blue Note 90 is more than capable of contemporary tones too.

Jupiter Premium Tone Capacitor Mineral oil 0.022µF as been applied for a great all-round response.

Following exhaustive testing, we have developed a range of custom spec capacitors with Jupiter Condenser in the USA, which cover everything that we, as players, need from a great tone cap. These produce a clear, defined response, right through the full range of your tone control and feature aluminium foil construction with silver lead-outs, encased in a hermetically-sealed capsule, for dependable performance. Mineral oil gives a more rounded and warm character, with a smoother even sound when rolled right back.

Bare Knuckle Custom 550K CTS potentiometers feature a logarithmic audio taper, smooth torque and +/- 10% tolerance and are specially made to our specifications by CTS. The increased resistance over standard 500K pots opens out the upper frequency range and allows the full harmonic richness of our hand wound coils to shine through, improving detail and clarity.

Model ”J” 30% audio taper provides a smoother, more linear roll-off for greater fine-tuning control, particularly in the lower half of the range of the dial.