English Elm Lap Steel Guitar


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Edition of 8 English Lap Steel Guitars

English Elm is both beautiful and, sadly now, very rare since Dutch elm disease wiped out nearly all of our specimens. Mature English elms are now only rarely found in the UK. When one of my timber suppliers came across a rare old butt from such a tree I immediately took it off his hands!

It’s an incredibly flexible timber, hence why it was used in the production of horse and cart wheels. The first prototype was such a joy to the eye and ear that I have created this limited edition range. To marry English elm with Brazilian mahogany has produced some of the rarest and unique instruments I have ever made.

As a maker I would describe the tone as a mellow warmth. The Brazilian mahogany is already the star of the show, but the Elm absorbs and dissipates the string energy in such a way that I would call it a ‘soft’ instrument. It’s the most player friendly instrument I produce, being highly forgiving to picking type or attack. It’s a very hard instrument to make aggressive, even with effects and amplifiers. Its soul just somehow seems to be inherently mellow and friendly.


Brazilian mahogany through neck 25 inch scale length
English elm facing, head plate and control cavity cover
English walnut fretboard with mosaic brass markers
Inlaid marquetry maple slide markers
52mm carved bone nut
Scarf jointed neck with walnut dowel
Gotoh 510 tuning pegs
Bareknuckle hand wound BlueNote bridge humbucker sized P90
550k tone and volume controls
Mineral oil capacitor
Graphite shielded control and pickup cavity
Barrel jack socket
Chrome plated brass tail piece and bridge
11 – 49 D’Addario XL half wound strings ENR370
Tweed hard case

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